03 Feb 2014

WSM Craft: Beyond the Gates

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I am honored to have recently had the opportunity to collaborate with my Alma Mater.  Sewanee, or The University of the South, is located in Sewanee, TN, and was my home from 1998 until 2002.  Of all that I learned while in school there, and as a member of that community, the most important lesson was to simply love learning.  May our thirst for more knowledge and better understanding never abate.

The Liberal Arts curriculum is a winding road by design.  According to some standards, it may seem less valuable in today’s society than the alternative of targeted vocational education or training.  By other standards (my own included) it’s like Cross-Fit for the mind, which is awesome.

Sewanee is doing a film series entitled “Beyond The Gates” in which they feature alumni whose professional lives demonstrate some unique “Use” of their Degree from the University of the South.  They contacted me and asked if they could feature WSM Craft in a film.  It was, of course, an honor and privilege to be involved in the series, and was great fun to reflect on my time there and what I came away with.

So what does a Degree in Comparative Religion, and Art/Art History have to do with WSM Craft?  A lot, actually.  Like I said, it’s a winding road. I love what my life’s work has become, and I carry that experience, that knowledge, those friends, and that place with me every day.

Check out the film on Vimeo:  Sewanee Beyond The Gates: WSM Craft