22 Oct 2013

WSM Craft 5th Anniversary and a Freshened Identity

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Such an inaugural blog post as this, calls for some ceremony:  The laying of a cornerstone, if you will, to mark a beginning, and inspire that which is to follow.  And so we proudly unveil our new logo, our new cornerstone.

We are so thankful of every one who has helped build our reputation for outstanding craftsmanship over the last five years.  We worked closely with Pollinate Collaborations and Twang to develop a logo that speaks to artistry, design, craftsmanship of Asheville.

Whether the visionary architects and planners of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, or the dedicated artists, craftspeople, builders, and planners of the late 20th and early 21st century, this region has a well-established legacy of elegant design and craftsmanship.  We are proud to be a link in this chain.

The “diamond” that crowns our new logo is a derivative of a maker’s mark that we have used for many years.  It has evolved over the course of a decade, and appears discreetly on past creations including artwork, furniture, banjos, guitars, woodcrafts, and in discreet locations on some of WSM Craft’s custom installations.

This freshened identity reflects what we have become, with your help, over the last five years.  We’re grateful to be part of this great Asheville community and look forward to continue to serve, providing excellence in building.


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